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Product review for Menstrual pain – WOMEN’S DAILY PACK COMPLEX – Green tea extract – 3 Bottle (90 Daily Packs)

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Menstrual pain – WOMEN'S DAILY PACK COMPLEX – Green tea extract – 3 Bottle (90 Daily Packs)

BLACK COHOSH COMPLEX TO REDUCE MENSTRUAL DISCOMFORT: If you are having some type of menstrual discomfort then this product can help to benefit you. Women daily pack can play a role in stimulating menstrual bleeding and ease uterine tension. Also it can help benefit to reduce cramping during periods and strengthen the uterine muscle's while reducing painful cycles which can really help out the ladies.

RED CLOVER CAPSULES AS A IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER: If you are having health problems by catching a cold here and there then our product can be beneficial for you. With our all natural herbal blend of different nutrients and vitamins our product can help to enhance your immune system functions and stop the development of different viral infections.

GREEN TEA TO IMPROVE FOCUS & MEMORY: There are times in life when we could all add a little more focus whether it is work related or to boost your brain power before an important exam. Our product can also have positive effects to help your cognitive function and improve both memory and concentration levels. Also you can improve the recall words and improve attention speed.

CLA FOR WOMEN TO EASE INDIGESTION: Many people can use our product to deal with indigestion because of the soothing properties in some of the herbs which are in our product. It can help to increase intestinal sensitivity, improve the flow of bile and the function of the pancreas making the entire digestive system work more efficiently. Not only that but many women find that it can help with painful cramps associated with menstruation.