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Product review for Premium Oyster Powder – 60 Capsules – Zinc and Trace Element Benefits from Oyster Meat Extraction

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Amazon Price: $32.00 $32.00 (as of September 21, 2019 8:33 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Description: Nutrilys Del Mar's oyster extract is a micronutrient complex composed of 59 natural trace elements, free amino acids, and essential nutrients. Oysters are the highest natural source of zinc, ten times higher, in fact, than the next source, which is red meat. Nutrilys Del Mar's oysters are hand harvested in the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the western coast of Ireland at specific times of the year. With a unique non freeze-dried process (proprietary patented process). Benefits: Our Premium Oyster Powder offers benefits from oyster meat and is different than Oyster Shell Powder. – Immune Booster Fatigue: The fatigue associated with oxidative stress has been shown to be reduced by taking our Oyster Powder, clinically proven to increase energy levels and enhance production of Glutathione and the SOD's in the body. – Backed by several years of accredited research, this natural supplement has been attributed with the ability to boost low male libido as well as low female libido, increase fertility, and support prenatal care. – Its concentrated levels of zinc and amino acids are also key ingredients for fetal development, breastfeeding, and preventing post-partum depression. – Beauty From Within: Skin, Hair And Nails. 
Our Oyster Powder helps maintain collagen, elastin and keratin production for healthier skin, hair and nails. Glutamic acid, glycine and cysteine are the building blocks for collagen, and the rest of the free amino acids that are involved in the manufacture of enzymes, antioxidants and structural proteins such as keratin. Weak, brittle nails, dull hair, spilt ends, and many skin conditions can be ameliorated by using our Oyster Powder.
 Quality guaranteed. Ingredients: serving size 2 capsules – Pure oyster powder meat 560mg – Protein: 67% – Fat: 8.90% – Total Carbohydrates: 11.70% – Zinc: 0.73mg – Taurine: 0,68%. Zinc

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