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Stress Management Tips: Tips to Control Anger and Frustration

Stress Management Tips: Tips to Control Anger and Frustration

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Do you have a low tolerance for frustration? Does it prompt you to get angry and quickly stressed out?

You aren’t alone; it’s human nature to become infuriated and stressed when engaging in stressful situations. If you feel stress in these situations and have a very difficult time taking things in stride, stick around to learn a few approaches that will help curb your anger and frustration.

Frustration, anger, and stress diminish when implementing a strategy.

Deep breathing, meditation, or listening to calming music reduces angry feelings. Interestingly, the opposite approach of engaging in physical exercise can also reduce anger and stress.

Many publications and courses in yoga, tai chi, and anger control assist in controlling anger and stress.

Anger can erupt from very serious issues in our lives. Frustrations occur at home, on the job, and in conversations. The key here is to focus on finding a procedure to control becoming emotionally hijacked. When you have developed a procedure, you’ll not get as frustrated.

Another approach is to make an environment change. Since frustration occurs in a particular environment or surroundings, give yourself a break. Move to a different location.

Schedule a break at a time of the day that you know is particularly stressful. For example, when you come home from work, for the first 15 minutes, institute a “nobody talks to you unless the house is on fire” procedure.

Let older children know that when you first arrive home, you need to reduce your stress by going into your “cave.” Going into your cave will allow you to reduce any stress you may have experienced before you arrived home.

After this brief quiet time, you’ll feel better and you’ll be able to handle demands, challenges, and problems from your kids or other family without getting angry or frustrated.

As soon as you leave your cave, smile. You will be amazed at what this simple gesture will have on you—and your communications with others. Check the volume of your voice. It is very difficult to show anger when you use a low volume of voice.

Avoid people’s reaction of, “You’re speaking so loudly that I can’t hear what you are saying.”

Frustrated people often tend to jump to conclusions during tense conversations or circumstances without thinking through the impact of their words or actions. Slow down. Think through what you are doing or saying, and have a positive mindset that you will not become a victim of your impulses.

You can always resort to the strategy of impulse control as explained on the visual at

Tip: To manage your stress, anger, or frustration, develop a procedure at the outset—before the negative emotion erupts.

Check out more information about reducing stress at Thanks for watching, sharing, and have a stress-free week!






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