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UltraTech 4000 Ultra-Ever Dry Bottom Coat, 1 Quart, Translucent White

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UltraTech 4000 Ultra-Ever Dry Bottom Coat, 1 Quart, Translucent White
UltraTech 4000 Ultra-Ever Dry Bottom Coat, 1 Quart, Translucent White

UltraTech 4000 Ultra-Ever Dry Bottom Coat, 1 quart, works with the Ultra-Ever Dry Top Coat (sold separately) to form the two-part Ultra-Ever Dry coating which helps repel water and oil from coated surfaces, protecting against corrosion caused by moisture and keeping coated surfaces dry, clean, and free of ice. The bottom coat adheres to many surfaces, creating a base layer to which the Ultra-Ever Dry top coat bonds. This product must be applied with Ultra-Ever Dry Top Coat (sold separately) and according to the instructions to be effective. The two-part coating adds a translucent white color and matte finish to coated surfaces after curing. The Ultra-Ever Dry Bottom Coat uses a solvent called xylene to allow the active ingredients to be sprayed on for a thin, uniform coating. The bottom coat adheres to steel, aluminum, and other metals, as well as plastic, leather, fabric, wood, concrete, and many other materials. The two-part coating is non-flammable after application and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The two-part coating is classified as a superhydrophobic coating as it exceeds 150 degrees of contact angle when measuring the sphere of a drop of water on the surface; this means that water, upon contacting the coated surface, forms very round beads which roll off quickly, without leaving the surface moist. It remains superhydrophobic for 30 cycles in a Taber abrasion tester with a CS-10 abrasive wheel. The two-part coating is also oleophobic, which means that it repels refined oil and many other hydrocarbons.

During the application and cleanup of Ultra-Ever Dry coatings, the use of a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)-approved P100 half-face respirator with an organic vapor cartridge, safety glasses, and protective gloves is recommended. The two-part coating’s durability varies depending on exposure to abrasion, UV rays, and other outdoors conditions; recoating with the top coat will help extend Ultra-Ever Dry’s longevity.

 Specifications for Ultra-Ever Dry two-part coating (Top Coat sold separately)

Viscosity (measured with a #3 Zahn cup)8 seconds
Percent of solids>10%
Surface application temperature50 to 90 degrees F
Storage temperature-40 to 115 degrees F
Shelf life1 year at 77 degrees F
Coverage per gallon240 sq. ft./22. sq. m
Working temperature-30 to 300 degrees F

UltraTech International manufactures spill containment and environmental compliance products. The company, founded in 1993 and headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 9002.

Company: UltraTech International, Inc
List Price: $49.00
Amazon Price: $49.00

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